In the dynamic world of fashion and editorial, every detail speaks volumes.

Our hair and makeup services are more than just beautification; they’re a narrative, a statement, a moment frozen in time. Harnessing the power of innovative techniques and an acute understanding of contemporary aesthetics, we craft looks that not only complement but elevate the vision of designers, photographers, and stylists.

Whether it’s capturing the raw essence of a brand or breathing life into a conceptual shoot, our artistry ensures that the message is both poignant and unforgettable.

Dive into a realm where style, story, and substance converge.

Fashion & Editorial Hair and Makeup Service

Sophie’s Fashion & Editorial Hair and Makeup service is an artful fusion of modern trends, individual creativity, and a deep understanding of a brand’s narrative. This service is tailored for fashion houses, magazine shoots, brand campaigns, and any platform seeking a distinct visual voice.

In-depth Consultation: Begin with a detailed discussion to understand the theme, mood, and essence of the shoot, ensuring that the hair and makeup align seamlessly with the overall vision.

Trend Integration: Incorporate the latest styles and techniques, ensuring the final look is both contemporary and magazine-worthy.

Versatility: From high-fashion avant-garde to understated elegance, Sophie crafts a spectrum of looks suited for diverse editorial needs.

On-site Execution: Full-day or half-day on-location services available, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to different shoot dynamics.

Product Excellence: Only the highest quality, photo-friendly products are used, ensuring longevity and camera-ready finishes.

Collaborative Approach: Sophie works in tandem with photographers, stylists, and other team members, ensuring a cohesive execution from concept to click.

Post-shoot Touch-ups: Continuous monitoring and touch-ups during shoots, ensuring models remain flawless and in line with the desired aesthetic.

Sophie’s expertise in fashion and editorial hair and makeup transcends mere beautification, offering a powerful enhancement to visual storytelling. Every frame is infused with depth and allure, ensuring that the narrative at the heart of your brand or editorial piece is not only evident but captivatingly accentuated.

Moreover, with her seasoned experience, clients can expect swift adaptability and efficiency, facilitating smooth transitions and maximizing shoot productivity. Above all, Sophie recognizes that each project is unique, with its own voice and essence. She prides herself on delivering bespoke solutions that amplify this distinct voice, ensuring every shoot is not just a picture, but a poignant story waiting to be told.

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